Camp Deforcement 2018

Camp deforcement, the name says it all. To vest your life estate, you must become deforced and prove it, the English law states certain actions determines your capacity in law, and how you act and conduct yourself and for what reasons.

Camp deforcement is being held in B.C CANADA, this is a mobile camp, that will move around from FREE REC SITES (camping areas) around the Okanogan valley in B.C, there are literally hundreds of free rec site campsites, the majority are on a lake or river, with fire pits and an outhouse, there are many rec sites that require a 4WD vehicle to get to and many are accessible by car and or motor home.

You will be required to sustain yourself, pay for the things you require while working with the group, this includes everything you need, from clothes, shelter, tools, food, smokes etc., you are 100% responsible for yourself and everything you bring with you.

Camp deforcement is a camp that leaves no footprints behind, what we pack in we pack out, we take care of the lands and the animals on it, we do not damage nature in anyway possible unless necessary.

This is not a party, this is for individuals and families serious about learning what English law is and the best ways to get out, as well as the knowledge to get out, you are free to party, yet the people of the group are free to move to another rec site where they do not have such a disturbance, if it were ever to become one.

Your length of stay with camp deforcement is up to you, come for just the weekend, a night, a week, or stay with the group and vest your estate and start a new society, the choices are yours and yours alone.

We create everything from our actions, if we want something better than what is being presented by the English law group we will have to create it, and create that on the right foot.

Camp deforcment is a no violence area, if you don't like something, leave, if the government says we have extended our stay at a rec site, then we move to the next, there can be no violence or remote chance of injury by, from or to anyone and this includes the government and their agents.

The only requirements are to want to be part of the group in a positive manner, help each other where needed, and give the space when needed.

Camp deforcement is being held in one of the warmest places in Canada, BC valley, the following is a recommended list of things to bring with you depending how long you plan to stay:

for the summer months only, it is very warm and so a basic tent and your basics for camping is all you need.

for winter, recommend at least a camper or motorhome, winters get to as low as -10 usually only for a week or 2, and average winter temperatures are around 0,

Winter months you would want more sources of power if you want to stay at a rec site year-round, to heat the underbelly of your camper, or you can purchase 4 season campers, they are very expensive to buy but worth it if you plan on living in it year-round till you vest your lands.

in the winter months campers and motorhomes only have camping available at the campgrounds in the valley they range from 400 – 1400 a month depending on what type of place you want very basic to full blown resort.

I also recommend a propane instant hot water heater with 12-volt pump for the bush, you can suck from any lake or river and have instant super hot water to shower and clean,

Camp deforcement exact locations throughout the summer will only be available to members of, all verified members will have access to a map page where the current location of the camp is.

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