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Statue of limitations and the USE as a trustee is transferred to all purchasers by fee simple, and have thrown away their money, since at any time the true owner by title can take possession and oust the trustee at anytime. And the purchaser has full knowledge of only a USE by being registered as Tenant.

A treatise on the law of trusts and trustees


Pg 512

The,income shall not be alienable by anticipation, nor subject to be taken for debts until paid over to the cestui. (a) It is not possible, however, for a man to create a trust to pay the income to himself ioT life, with a provision against alienation by anticipation, so as to prevent his creditors from coming at the income by a bill in equity. (a.) A cestui having a vested equitable interest though contingent may convey it subject to the contingency. Upon application of all the cestuis

pg 513

§ 828. Trust property or property substituted for it may be recovered from the trustee and all persons having notice of the trust.

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