A treatise on the law of domicil by Jacobs, Michael William

A treatise on the law of domicil, national, quasi-national and municipal, based upon the decisions of the British and American courts

by Jacobs, Michael William 1887

ss104-Every person recieves at birth a domicil, technically known among jurist as “domicil of origin”. Says lord Westbury in Udny v Udny : “it is a settled principal that no man shall be without a domicil; and to secure this result the law attributes to every individual as soon as he is born the domicile of his father if the child be legitimate, and the domcil of his mother if illegitimate. This has been called the domicil of origin, and is involuntary.

Section SS101-Municipal domicil. With respect to municipal domicil the reason for the application of the rule is particularly strong. “he may change it [domicil] at will, and any restraint upon his choice would be an abridgment of his rights.... the law seeks for the intention, and allows every citizen freely to select his domicil accordingly as his interest,inclination, or even caprice may direct.

Section SS99 “The citizen is not tied down to his domicil or origin; free, at his majority or even at his emancipation, to dispose of his person, he may choose his residence where it seems good to him; he may quit not only his domicil of origin for another, but again that one for a new one; he may, in a word,change it at will according to his interest or even according to fancy”


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