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law and jurisdiction are 2 things law AND jurisdiction, and why it is law “and” equity!!


Law is an agreement written on paper and has acceptance as stated only in the agreement, the agreement and acceptance can be on 2 or more pieces of paper, where the acceptance can also be an action the individuals are required to perform to give the contract life and acceptance = jurisdiction. In law the contract is its own jurisdiction, and there can only be one jurisdiction at one time.

Example: if you swear allegiance to 1 king you can not swear allegiance to another, in law this is also a capacity, you are “acting” as stated in the agreement you made to swear allegiance and be bound by that individuals laws etc.

This also brings in another level in Law, “Capacity” because you accepted the agreement your now acting not in your own right, but in the right of another, a Subject by acceptance, this also means that you can only transfer things and do things in the capacity in which your acting.

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