Crosstown Motors (1982) Ltd. v. Motuz, 2005 ABPC 82

[28] The importance of following binding precedent cannot be stated too strongly.  As stated by the Supreme Court of Canada in Woods Manufacturing Co. Ltd. v. The King 1951 CanLII 36 (SCC), [1951] S.C.R. 504:

“It is fundamental to the due administration of justice that the authority of decisions be scrupulously respected by all courts upon which they are binding.  Without this uniform and consistent adherence the administration of justice becomes disordered, the law becomes uncertain, and the confidence of the public in it undermined. Nothing is more important than that the law as pronounced ... should be accepted and applied as our tradition requires; and even at the risk of that fallibility to which all judges are liable, we must maintain the complete integrity of relationship between the courts.”

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