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Understanding the true set up of English Law. As simple as it may seem, all English Law is based on a Land Trust, you can be in different capacities within that Trust. All laws created thereafter must conform to the original land trust (common law), so whilst new laws may take priority over the original once created and in play (Equity), they can NEVER be superior or overrule the original when you are in your natural (first) capacity.


Reading the necessary scholars writings, law books, treatise, acts and legislation to understand how it all comes together, where it began and how it affects you. What your previous and current capacity is/rights are. This will probably need some unlearning of equity law for most people that have studied this area of English Law. Seeing as though Equity is mirrored on real law and only becomes real law through the people’s acceptance of it.


Finding the determining factors for all the relevant chapters in the books read in the learning chapter that cover reversion. We will need to trace law to the original source and prove why and how all the present laws of equity got their authority and how and why we have a right of inheritance to our lands and the waste produced by the subjects occupying it in fee simple (Equity). We will need to prove what laws give us the right to claim lands for us and from them.


Getting your claim and affidavit together along with your supporting documents for it to be presented to Queens Bench in a justifiable manner. We only want to deal with written fact of law, this way when we use it we can get a summary trial and all opposing parties can be estopped from disputing it. We will need all proof written out in a simple but coherent and easy to find/follow manner. This will need to comply with the Queens Bench Rules for your jurisdiction.

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