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Understanding the true set up of English Law. As simple as it may seem, all English Law is based on a Land Trust, you can be in different capacities within that Trust. All laws created thereafter must conform to the original land trust (common law), so whilst new laws may take priority over the original once created and in play (Equity), they can NEVER be superior or overrule the original when you are in your natural (first) capacity.


Reading the necessary scholars writings, law books, treatise, acts and legislation to understand how it all comes together, where it began and how it affects you. What your previous and current capacity is/rights are. This will probably need some unlearning of equity law for most people that have studied this area of English Law. Seeing as though Equity is mirrored on real law and only becomes real law through the people’s acceptance of it.


Finding the determining factors for all the relevant chapters in the books read in the learning chapter that cover reversion. We will need to trace law to the original source and prove why and how all the present laws of equity got their authority and how and why we have a right of inheritance to our lands and the waste produced by the subjects occupying it in fee simple (Equity). We will need to prove what laws give us the right to claim lands for us and from them.


Getting your claim and affidavit together along with your supporting documents for it to be presented to Queens Bench in a justifiable manner. We only want to deal with written fact of law, this way when we use it we can get a summary trial and all opposing parties can be estopped from disputing it. We will need all proof written out in a simple but coherent and easy to find/follow manner. This will need to comply with the Queens Bench Rules for your jurisdiction.

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Collected Papers on the English Law

Including a Treatise on Terminating the Life Estate

A treatise is a formal and systematic written discourse on some subject, generally longer and treating it in greater depth than an essay, and more concerned with investigating or exposing the principles of the subject.


What is Omnipotence.ca and what is its purpose?

Omnipotence.ca does not teach law or give legal advice, what you will find is an easy to follow and understand Treatise that only contains fact of law, everything in this treatise contains the source documents, this includes Monarchy Statutes, legal scholars, governments acts of legislation and case law.

Omnipotence purpose is to be able to show you the incredibly amazing history of English Law. The truth about how it was created, when it was created, why it was created, how it is applicable to those within it, how to understand if you are included within it and to help you understand that it is an individual choice to be a part of English Law.

We will cover how English law is based on lands and it is an agreement, the authority comes from the trusts and tenures that those lands are held in and by whom. We will start at the beginning of English Law and the original Feudal land tenure system in 1066. How all land has descended by purchase since then and how the different land tenures (feudal, ancient and modern) affect your capacity/jurisdiction in law. We will be covering the different levels of trusts, being possession, remainder and reversion. The new jurisdictions since 1066 fall into the ‘possession’ category and only applies to that category.

It is also to help you understand that if you do not like how English Law treats its subjects (you), then there is a process for you to remove your agreements and claim back your land and create your own community that you do agree with

The main bit of advice at this point, is to forget everything you think you know about law. Most are unaware that the majority of what they discuss when it comes to law, belongs to equity and those within that jurisdiction, seeing as though equity is the assumed and proven capacity of all of the subjects in English law. Equity Law is mirrored on common law, but they are 2 and not the same. A word in common law can have a completely different meaning to the same word when used in equity. An appropriate example of this would be ‘Trusts’, a common law trust is not the same as a trust in equity.

A good example to use here would be for the people refuting the birth certificate and their agreement or ownership of it. The name on the BC is the account name of the land tenure and to record the waste. Without losing you to much, we want this birth certificate as it proves we have a rightful claim of true ownership of the lands that create law as we know it today.

This website is to show that every part of the law must be written, and the remedy to remove the indentured citizen and terminate the land trust in a justifiable manner if you choose to.

You will find all the sources to the documents on Omnipotence.ca free of charge to go along with the information in this Treatise.

This website is designed to teach you how to find the law, and understand it, while giving you the sources and taking out all the hard work of digging through millions of books to just be confused on how it is written and indexed.

This website will only show you the basics to law and jurisdiction and how to terminate the life trust using quotes and required reading, you will find links in the treatise to specific documents that will take you to the proper page, for easy reading will be presented with extra info regarding that specific area of law.

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